• Dr. C.P. Roddey

Hot Coffee, Not Cold

Recently I was at a hotel having breakfast. I got a cup of coffee from the buffet when I got my meal. After eating, I thought I would enjoy my delicious cup of hot coffee. It was ice cold. l thought it had just been a few minutes and it should be still be warm if not piping hot. I had already added creamer and sugar, and since I like ice coffee, I drank it. Another guest got a cup and immediately realized that it came from the pot cold. She told the bus boy and he got her a steaming hot cup from the kitchen. Why hadn't I realized that my cup was cold to the touch, that there was not any steam? Life lesson. There was nothing wrong with the coffee I got. It served its purpose. I enjoyed it. But it was not what I had expected and because I used it, I missed what I really wanted and needed. As parents and caretakers, we accept what our overworked and sometimes underpaid teachers, social workers and providers bring to the table. But we be aware that there be something better. Speak up. Ask questions. " Yes, I know this works, but is there not something else, something more appropriate for my child?" Let they know your child needs the best option, not the quickest and least option. Now, get that hot cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful day that the Lord has made and rejoice in the gift of your precious child.

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