• Dr. C.P. Roddey

Get Your Stuff Together

Proverbs 6:6-8 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.

I set the items for return on the FedEx desk. . The clerk smiled and asked for my account number or the letter I had gotten with return instructions. Oops!!! I had forgotten to bring it and didn't print out the email because my printer was low on ink. Two excuses: I forgot and it didn't work. The clerk was sympathetic and tried to find my account under my name. After about five minutes of trying on both computers at the desk, he said he was sorry, but the pass word had been changed and he could not get in the system. He recommended that I go to UPS. Off I went. Once there I found a customer who was having trouble finding the bar code on his phone to return a package. No, he didn't print it out. The UPS clerk was very patient with both of us. She found my account under my name and found the bar code on the phone. Both of us left the store satisfied. Often we go the Lord with our stuff in a mess. Sometimes we go for results to someone who is in the same shape we are or worse. When we go to God, we find He is kind, loving and patient. He accepts us just as we are. He gets our stuff together.

Father, we thank you for accepting our shortcomings. You make a way out of the impossible. To you we give the praise and the glory for making us whole. A-men.

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