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SAFE is a non-profit advocacy agency. We help families, teachers, and other caring adults that have kids on the autism spectrum. We provide independent advisory in four key areas: academic enrichment, health and recreation, life skills, and pro-parenting.

Our founder |

Dr. Cynthia Plair Roddey

In 2007, Dr. CP Roddey witnessed a double miracle; the birth of twin grandsons. Living with the twins on the spectrum has required Dr. Roddey to utilize all of her skills as a parent and as a teacher. "Experts and books have good advise," she says, "but 'common sense' and 'gut feelings' have often been more effective. One size does not fit all."

Getting appropriate services for the twins proved to be among her biggest issues. Not wanting other parents and caretakers to have this same struggle, Dr. Roddey founded SAFE to provide information, networking, and encouragement. Given learning opportunities and creative experiences, children on the spectrum can and will fully develop all of their potential given learning opportunities and creative experiences.

Academic Enrichment

Learn to create and gain access to more advanced learning opportunities for kids with ASD.

Health & Recreation

Envision your children with healthy, active lifestyles full of enjoyment, amusement, and pleasure.

Life Skills

 Discover ways your kids can meet daily life's challenges and demands.


Join a community of parents working toward the shared goal of raising kids into successful adults.


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